Lemon Almond “Fish” but Really….

Chicken!!!  I had no takers among the ‘Fiesta de Cinco’ for the fish…we just are not much for fish sooo…I made this with chicken and it went over quite well.

This weeks Fougasse was a huge hit, especially when served with Pasta e Fagoli!  Wilco said it was as good as the pretzels in Germany!  That is huuuuge praise from the kid who only eats about 5 different foods.

Also made this week:  Dorie’s best Banana Cake, Pear Cranberry Crisp from Pioneer Woman Cooks.

I’ll put the photos up later because I’m too lazy to go upstairs to get the camera.




I made the dough yesterday morning, but didn’t have a chance to bake it until this am!  Still hot form the oven, smells wonderful.  The kids were saying a chocolate drizzle will be yummy for treat tonight!  My camera is out of batteries….oh dear will add photo later!


Oh dear, I’ve never tasted it…or cooked it????  I think it will go fine when I do try it.  I am going to put this one on the ‘hold’ shelf as I made the beef version of this last week and the meat eaters in the family were not up to another one.  I did catch up on Jam and Cola Spareribs!  Reportedly delish, and easy on the chef too!

Swim meets ALL weekend!  Cheers!!

Coconut Firands

I was happy this recipe used so much unsweetened coconut as I had a huge bag from the Indian grocery sitting in my pantry!  I am doing a volunteer training at Canine Assistance so I took the Friands there for all to enjoy!

If you were a fan of Downtown Abbey, then you will probably enjoy The House at Tyneford!  Here is the Asparagus and Bacon I made earlier this month, but forgot to post.  Lamb this week, should be interesting!Coconut Friands and The House at Tyneford

Pizza Rustica and Lemon Loaf

Hey Y’all we were on holiday for Pizza Rustica…. not a huge hit around here, but it was pretty.

The Lemon Loaf is tres YUMMY!  Served with fresh strawberries on the side, a handsome treatLemon LoafPizza Rustica

Catch Up!

Oh my…I’ve been a bit behind after spring break and all!  Anyway….here is the Baking With Julia Pizza Rustica.  A good idea in theory, and ingredients, but not a huge hit with the family.  Oh well, it looked lovely!  I also did the Sardine Rillettes for French Friday, sans sardines.  No one in the Party of 5 will eat sardines, so I will make them avec sardines when my dad visits next month!


Pizza Rustica

Grapefruit Salad

This one was beautiful, and I even added a bit of mango as the produce guy brought some lovely ones!  I will be late again next week as we are off to hike 70 miles on the Appalachian Trail for our spring break!

Chocolate Sables

These cookies are lovely!  I shared some with my neighbor who is a huge fan of this French Friday project as  well as Baking With Julia.  She really loves the light touch with sweetness french desserts have.


I also caught up on:  Chard Stuffed Pork Loin, Quoina with Fruit and Nut Salad, and Bacon, Egg, Asparagus Salad.  It is starting to get warm here in Georgia, so I’ve headed toward some of the spring-ish dishes!


Cheers!  Off to a swim meet in AthensBacon Egg Asparagus SaladLovely Cookie!Pig!!!!!Vegan!!!!

St. Patrick’s Day

First, the soda bread was the easiest soda bread I’ve ever made…no fat to cut in, no melted butter on top.  It was delish though!  We enjoyed it on St. Patrick’s Day which is also our dear Moxie’s birthday!  Yes, we had cake…she enjoyed dog ice cream with Milkbone garnishes, the humans enjoyed Oreo Ice Cream cake!Irish Soda BreadMoxie is 2!

Party of 5 enjoys March Madness

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